About Us

Temple Guard Motorcycle Club was founded on January 14, 2008 in Pearl River, LA by 5 Master Masons who envisioned bringing Free Masonry to 2 wheels.

We are the Temple Guard MC, a Motorcycle Club made up of Master Masons, who just happen to share the love and enjoyment of motorcycles. The Temple Guard MC is not governed by any Grand Lodge as a club. As Master Masons we are governed by each of our Grand Lodges of the state in which we reside.

The Temple Guard MC are Brothers who take their Colors seriously. We are a Masonic Motorcycle Club with traditional motorcycle values. It's a lifestyle to us, not a hobby. A Temple Guard MC patch is something you cannot buy. We are Proud of what we represent. All Temple Guard MC members are Bikers who belong to the oldest fraternity in the world and we are true to our Masonic Brothers. We do not claim any territory nor are affiliated with or support any other motorcycle clubs. Masons are worldwide.

Temple Guard members are active in their Blue Lodges, Shrine and various appendant bodies of Masonry.

To become a Temple Guard brother, you must be a Mason in good standing in your Blue Lodge and own a motorcycle. You must then promise to support the goals and purposes of the Temple Guard MC.   Our goal is to promote Free Masonry throughout the world.

Each Temple Guard Brother must adhere to and abide by the rules, edicts and regulations regarding his own Blue Lodge and the Grand Lodge of his respective state of residence.     

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