Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for joining Temple Guard MC?

You must be a Master Mason in good standing with your Blue Lodge and own a legally registered and insured motorcycle of at least 800cc.

Are there mandatory meetings that have to be attended?

Given that we are spread out all across the United States, we have a monthly conference call that all members are urged to call in for.  However, we understand that family and work come first.  All of our calls are recorded so if you miss it, you can simply dial in and listen to the recording.

Does Temple Guard MC have different chapters?

No.  We do not have separate chapters.  All members belong to the Mother Chapter.

One Obligation- One Patch - One Chapter

Do I have to live in a state that already has a Temple Guard MC presence to join?

No.  It does not matter where you live.  A Temple Guard presence in each state began with a single brother who joined and promoted.  We are a national MC.

Are Temple Guard MC members active in their Blue Lodge?

Yes.  Each Temple Guard member is encouraged to participate in his respective Blue Lodge and any appendant bodies to which he may belong.  

Ok, so how do I join Temple Guard MC?

Simply click on the Contact Us link on this page and drop us a line.  You will be contacted by one of our officers.  We will send you a petition along with a copy of our By-laws for your review.